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Freedom through continuous change. The philosophy of one of the greatest judo technicians of all time – Kyuzo Mifune. This positive message to embrace improvement is the philosophy we harness.  We never stop seeking to learn more, perfect our performance, and share our ideas with others.

We are a Sydney judo team that has developed over the last four years.  We are young and old, male and female, experienced and new.We started Szasz Judo to share our experience in judo and modern martial arts and to create a unique training environment in Sydney, a place where beginners and experts of all ages can share their passion. Our judo school offers a variety of classes that focus on both physical and mental discipline and that empower the athlete to reach their goal.

We are all at different levels but our club values and goals are shared. We challenge ourselves. We push ourselves a little harder each time, so we can extend our skills. We watch out and help each other, so everyone on the team can improve. We like to have fun, make friends and get fit.

We are open minded. We do not just focus on the modern competition style judo, but also embrace older techniques and different styles to further improve our skills and knowledge.

Our Dojo in Marrickville is our new home and we hope to have those near and far come to train with us and enjoy the physical, mental and social benefits that judo provides to all.There is more to judo than meets the eye; this complex martial art combines various techniques and offers more than physical benefits. You can discover the secrets of this sport during our classes and reach your goals in a welcoming and supportive environment.